Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Noise is very, very LOUD

It's the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb 13, 2009. My ears are frosty cool, as is my nose. I have been walking around my neighbourhood the past 45 minutes, trying to locate the Noise that has been keeping me up all night.

The Noise has been extremely loud in our house tonight. Normally our furnace fan drowns it out. Not tonight. The Noise started about 8:30 PM and hasn't let up. The intensity is so great that I can hear the sound through my pillow, almost as if there was a speaker attached to it, pumping the sound into my ear.

The Noise is clearly, without question, easily audible outside this morning. The level of intensity, or volume, is the same standing in our kitchen as it is standing at our back gate.

I walked around the neighbourhood, trying to isolate a direction for the Noise's source. I wasn't successful. The Noise sounds like it is literally being produced 360-degrees of where ever I stand.

Now, I was able to make some specific observations:

- all of the green power boxes along our alley, and up one of the alleys form us are buzzing at a high intensity.

- the Noise diminished somewhat when I was walking in front of the houses, on the sidewalk, alongside the street.

- When I walked in the alley, the Noise intensity was strong. The Noise intensity tonight was strongest standing behind my house and my neighbour's place in the alley, and in my backyard.

- The Noise has been very loud these past 4 days. This is in contrast to the week before, when the Noise was not that loud.

- Coinciding with the Noise becoming louder, lights began to flicker in many of our fixtures. In fact, one night, last, around 2 AM, the lights flickered, the power was off briefly, then the Noise was present with a strong intensity.

- My neighbour and I are noticing similarities in the Noise, almost to the minute, without being physically in the same place as each other, or being in direct contact with each other at the moment the Noise is loud/starting/stopping.

Living with this is getting more and more difficult. If anyone reading this has expertise they can offer or research on this phenomenon, please pass it along. If anyone reading this is responsible for causing the Noise and for disturbing so many people . . . please stop!

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