Sunday, January 10, 2010

Article for the February Ranchlands Round Up

The Noise Investigation in Ranchlands slowly continues. "Thank you" to the people who have taken the time to fill out and return the Noise Questionnaire to Dr. Epstein. There have been over 100 respondents to date, with approximately ten percent of respondents identifying a Noise problem at their residence. Residents who would still be interested in submitting a Noise Questionnaire are most welcome to do so.

Some Ranchlands Community residents recently have noticed a Noise problem evolving during the last few weeks. If a similar situation develops at your home, please contact the Community Association at (403) 241-0335 or via email at


Anonymous said...

I live in the southeast, close to Southcentre mall and a in November I started to hear a low humming vibration. I live in a townhouse complex and thought it was a neighbors new furnace. It was checked out and the sound is not coming from there.

I am wondering if you have had other people from my area mention they have heard the hum. It is awful, I am kept awake.

Joe Midi said...

What neighbourhood are you in?