Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Hum Site to Explore

There is a site I recently came across. The site appears to have been put up by people being bothered by many of the same things in their locale as here in our neighbourhood.

The site can be accessed at:

I am struck by the number of similarities they are experiencing. I hesitate to claim they are dealing with the same problem we are in Calgary. However, it is very good food for thought. If anyone takes some time to read the site, and has some observations, they would be most welcomed.


Universality of Jeff Chan said...

Let me know what goes on at the site.
I reside in NW Community of GCA

Joe Midi said...

There's been some valid reaction to this posted site. While there are some similarities reported on the site, there are some important differences. Of note is that the site states the cause of the hum they are investigating to be gravitational waves. This claim appears based more in theory rather than scientific fact.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed to find this site.....we have experienced the same low vibrational hum for many months and are at an absolute loss as to how to account for it. We have had the utility company here twice shutting down all the current both times and still it persists. We have a metal 'pole barn' roof over our single wide mobile and there has been speculation that the roof entraps the noise somehow. Our landlord has gone under the house, all to no evail. I have tried using earplugs and can hear the hum through those as well. We were very excited to move to this country road location, but now its almost worse than living in the city. You can't hear the noise when you get a little distance from the house. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about this we would be most appreciative to hear them, as we may end up moving just to get away from it. Maureen Handshy

Joe Midi said...


You stated that when you move away from the house, the sound you're hearing seems to abate. That type of observation appears to lend support to there being something in your place causing the sound. Any chance it's an appliance or something similar that moved with you?