Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Press Release - Sep 20, 2011

----- PRESS RELEASE -----

Recent findings regarding the investigation into Calgary's Mysterious Ranchlands Hum will be presented Wednesday, September 28, 7:00 PM, at the Ranchlands Community Centre.

The Ranchlands Noise Investigation Team, a group of volunteers coordinated by Dana Negrey, have been donating significant time, equipment and money to determine the cause of the humming noise plaguing numerous Ranchlands residents. Since beginning the investigation in 2008, the team's Acoustical Engineer Richard Patching has recorded the Hum, having presented the evidence at the 2010 Ranchland's AGM.

The team, including Dr. Marcia Epstein, Dr. Kathleen Biersdoff, Dr. Mike Smith & Terry Avramenko and many other volunteers, has made additional findings. Most significant of these was a result of a June 8, 2011 test coordinated through the cooperation of The City of Calgary's Chris Huston & Alderman Gord Lowe. The Bearspaw Dam's main pump, a suspected source of the noise, has been ruled out as a source of the Hum.

The team continues to investigate other possibilities as to the cause of the Hum. Dana Negrey will present these at the September 28th AGM.

Increasingly, the team is receiving more and more reports from around the City of Calgary, and further abroad, suggesting this phenomenon extends beyond Ranchlands. The team believes that if the problem can be solved in the Ranchlands community, then the far-reaching benefits to other communities could be significant.

The team gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ranchlands Community Association, Alderman Gord Lowe, Chris Huston & his team, the many volunteers that have assisted in this investigation and members of the media following our story.

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