Thursday, September 29, 2011

Post-Meeting Update from the Noise Investigation Team

Dana Negrey provided the community a summary of the work done by the Noise Investigation Team seeking the Ranchlands Hum:

1. Water system: The test coordinated with the City of Calgary Water Services has ruled out the Bearspaw Dam pumping station as a source of the Hum. There are intermediary pumping stations between Ranchlands and the Dam that the team will next be looking at. The Team is continuing to operate on the working hypothesis that the Hum is being carried into various residents' homes via the water pipes. However, the source of the Hum continues to be elusive.

2. EMF/cell towers: The team will explore the potential of EMF energy and/or cell towers being the source of the Hum. This avenue of investigation will be explored, if need be, after a more in-depth look at the water system.

3. Gas Lines: the team has learned of an occasion when a Ranchlands resident noticed changes in the Hum corresponding to work done on the gas line into her house. Specifically, she noticed that when pressure in the natural gas line was eliminated (i.e. the gas in the line to her house was turned off) the Hum disappeared. When the line was back under pressure, she reported the Hum started up once again. The team would like to hear from other people who have had similar experiences, whether in Ranchlands or elsewhere.

4. Thank you: the team recognized the efforts done by City of Calgary Alderman Gord Lowe and City of Calgary Water Service's Chris Huston for assisting with the Bearspaw Dam test in June, 2011. The team is grateful, too, for the continued support of the Ranchlands Community Assocation.

5. Team Members:
Mr. Dana Negrey, Team Leader, Ranchlands Community Association;
Dr. Marcia Epstein, Acoustic Ecology, University of Calgary;
Richard Patching, Acoustical Engineer, Patching & Associates;
Dr. Kathleen Biersdorff, Research and Communications, K.K. Biersdorff Consulting;
Mr. Terry Avramenko, President, Ranchlands Community Association;
Dr. Mike Smith, Electrical and Computing Engineering, University of Calgary.

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Anonymous said...

Similar sound or vibration in air I can hear in Tuscany. It has been happening for almost 2 years already. It is not only at night but also during the day. The interesting thing is that we do not just hear it, but we can also feel it. That sound/vibration penetrates just everything. You can feel and hear it even in the basement!