Saturday, January 3, 2009

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The noise has continued on and off in our Ranchlands area during the Christmas Season.

A recent article in the Ranchlands Round Up pointed to this blog as being a place to share ideas & concerns regarding this continuing issue.

Some people may be more comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas via email. Please feel free to be in touch at

All the best to everyone in 2009! Here's to a noise-free year :-)

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Anonymous said...

I have noticed this low pulsating humming sound in South Calgary for a couple years and finally decided to search it on Google to see if anyone else has experienced the same sound.
My old house in Midnapore was where i first noticed it. It was never loud enough to keep me awake though.
I have now moved to Somerset (SW Calgary) and experience the sound even louder. Early this morning (November 23rd) from 3AM to about 6AM the hum was loud enough to wake me up and keep me awake the rest of the night. I would describe it as sounding like an aproaching freight train in the distance, but no train ever comes. The sound pulsates continuously and gets louder at certain periods.
I have told my girlfriend to listen for it as we are laying in bed, but she claims she can't hear anything, while I can hear it clearly.
Has anyone else experienced this low frequency humming sound in the deep south of Calgary? Is there any more leads on what it could possibly be?