Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Building and Planning to be Involved

The Alderman's Office contacted us to let us know that Calgary Building and Planning will be in touch with us. The noise continues to bother us, and our neighbours. We are concerned that we do not know what it is, and what the implications of it are (health, safety, etc).

It seems odd, given this noise has been bothering us for so long, that the City has not sent out sound engineers with the proper equipment to locate where this is coming from. It seems logical that if a noise is being bothersome in this way, and is proving elusive to locate, the proper course of action would be to send out sound engineers whose job it is to find noise sources. To me, it would be most cost effective, and time effective: track the noise down using the right tools and people for the job, then address the issue directly based on the findings.

My understanding from the City is that they do work with sound engineers, for example, with respect to road noise complaints. I have spoken at length with two sound engineering companies who have experience tracking down noise, and finding solutions for noise problems. One would think that a city such as Calgary would have access to professionals such as this.

We will be discussing this point with the Alderman in the next short while.

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