Friday, June 7, 2013

Herbrandston residents 'tortured' by mystery low frequency noise (From Western Telegraph)

We have noticed the phenomenon of a low frequency hum happening worldwide.  This link point to a recent article about a hum bothering people in Great Britain:


Anonymous said...

It is clear by reading this blog that the solution will not be found soon enough to save our household from going insane.

We live in Calgary. I'm reluctant to say where, as our house is likely going up for sale very soon. It suffices to say that my neighbourhood hasn't been mentioned here - yet.

Last night, Sept 17 2013 from ~3AM to 4AM the noise was VERY bad again. Last week, Sept 11th or 12th (not exactly sure, as insomnia has warped my sense of time) it was the WORST I've ever felt it. Our household is filled with oil and gas professionals and we all had a long discussion this morning... conclusion: we are now exploring the options with our employers (such as they are, pfft!) in order to leave Calgary fast - telecommute, early retirement in one case, or just outright quit and take the hit - all in order to attain some well deserved rest that clearly cannot be found here.

D. Negrey said...

See if you can 'listen' in and around areas you are considering moving to. Hums and vibrations have been noticed in many areas around Alberta. It would likely be very frustrating to go through the stress of moving, only to find a hum in you new house.