Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ranchlands Mail Out

The Ranchlands Community Association has again graciously provided help, along with the Ranchlands Scouting Organization in our Noise Investigation - thank you! Ranchlands residents received a special printing of the Noise Questionnaire in their mailboxes during these last 2 weeks.

Residents living in other sectors of the City who are interested in the Noise Questionnaire, feel free to contact us either through this blog space, jmidi@hotmail.com, or epstein@ucalgary.ca.

We are interested in setting up a method through which people are able to share anecdotal observations of the Noise, such as intensity, time of day, and date, on-line. If there is anyone with expertise doing this, we'd luv to hear from you!


Mikey said...

Hello, I am following your blog on this subject as a unidentified noise is evident here in S. Oregon, and my neighbor hears it too, but we cannot determine the source and it is really buggin me!

Joe Midi said...

Thanks for the note, Mikey. Have you or your neighbours taken any steps to try to determine what it is that's bothering you?