Friday, October 2, 2009


The Noise problem is garnering national attention. It was featured on CBC RAdio's "As It Happens" this evening (Oct 2). The podcast can be heard at:

A sincere "Thank you" to CBC for providing this coverage.

The problem is also being featured today on Sympatico/MSN's home page (screen shot attached)


Aaron said...

Have you read this yet?

A case history of low frequency air-borne sound produced by a weir in the river Reno

In the 1980's, a weird noise in an Italian village was traced back to water flowing over a weir, 5 km's away. The flowing water created a giant pipe organ that vibrated at 8 hz.

Based on this, and the fact that other people to your west can also hear it, I suspect Bearspaw Dam. It operates only at peak energy demand periods, which explains the randomness of the noise.

If you can somehow find out when Bearspaw Dam goes online and offline, you might be able to correlate it with the sounds you hear.

Joe Midi said...

Aaron, this is a great lead - thank you for giving this to us!

Joe Midi said...

FOLLOW UP: observations and sound readings at the Bearspaw Dam did not support the hypothesis of the Dam being a potential cause of the Noise.

D. Negrey said...

RECENT FOLLOW UP: New evidence has just come available that suggest the Dam may by a contributing factor.