Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates Coming Soon

There will be a CBC Radio News coverage of the noise problem within the next week or two. Additionally, a research group from the U of C plans to conduct a study on how noise affects people. They will be helping us locate and identify the noise in Ranchlands.

Within the last week, the noise in our neighbourhood has significantly increased in intensity. It is perplexing. What could now be running, that was not running before, to cause this problem? We are hoping to have some answers, soon.

More Ranchlands residents are being in touch to tell their story of being bothered by the low-frequency humming. Coincidentally, many people noticed the noise starting at about the same time.

Keep an ear out for the CBC Radio spot airing as soon as next week. An updated post will be published here, soon afterwards.

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owen said...

I put on the earplugs and hearing protectors this morning to confirm that the noise is still present at my place. Still there. Seems to have quieted down.

Have a bit of homework to do for the Professor. They want to take readings inside all the units nearby so I have to get things organized for that.

It was somewhat overwhelming getting all the media attention. Heard the Prof on CBC this morning.Exciting!!

jordan said...

Is there a consensus among people in the Ranchlands community as to when the humming noise began?

Also, has the cell phone tower that's in the northeast natural area (Sarcee & John Laurie) been considered as an emission base, i.e. transmitter of LF?

jordan said...

hi -

An observation: A few times when walking around the neighborhood, I walked through the transit underpass (Sarcee Tr). The vibrations from a utility green box were extremely loud with noise and hum. I'm not sure if any problems may be present (or amplified?) in the underpass tunnel.

jordan said...

Oh. I mention the transit underpass because its location is interesting topographically, like an acoustic dish. Maybe there may even be an wave interplay with the cell phone tower?? (just wondering aloud)

jordan said...

Oh. and there may also be aquifer resonance. again, topography and city drainage basins.

Joe Midi said...

Thanks for the observations, Jordan & Owen.

There are a number of people who noticed the noise on or around the 1st week of July, 2008.