Saturday, February 7, 2009

City of Calgary No Longer Involved

Our Alderman's Office has said that the City of Calgary will no longer be involved in trying to determine the source of the noise. The City's actions were to replicate those taken previously by the homeowner with the various utility companies. The Alderman told us that the steps needed to be replicated before taking steps beyond what had already been done. The Alderman said that this needed to be done in order to definitively rule out, in the Alderman's mind, that our house was in fact the cause of the noise we are hearing. He said after than, we would be able to explore further options.

The Alderman stated that various utility workers have reported to him that yes, they hear the noise, but they do not know what is causing it, or where it is from. The workers also determined for the Alderman that the noise is not being generated by anything in our house.

The Alderman stated that despite these reports, he feels the City cannot offer anything more to assist. He was asked why, if this is a noise issue, it was not being addressed as a noise issue. The reply was that the City only has access to support pertaining to noise and traffic issues.

Interestingly enough, because the City does not know where the noise is coming from, it very well could be a traffic issue.

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