Sunday, November 5, 2017

Edmonton's Hum Very Loud Recently

Observations made in Edmonton these last two weeks are demonstrating that the Hum is becoming louder, at least in the neighbourhoods of Kilkenny and Capilano   Additionally, the Hum is noticed outside at times.  The droning, vibrating, low frequency of the Hum's increasing intensity appears to correspond to the weather becoming cooler. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Updates October 2017

We are slowly getting back to posting on the blog.

Although we haven't been active here, we have been traveling in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, listening.  A low frequency hum with similar characteristics is heard at many points throughout Alberta, and in some locations elsewhere in the other two provinces.

We are very appreciative of the people who are contacting us and letting us know where they are hearing a hum and are describing it.  Please continue to do so!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Engage with Utility Companies

The Noise Investigation Team has noticed a slight increase in the number of people reporting that they are being bothered by a hum.  People from Edmonton and Calgary have said that the hum has been a bit louder/intense/more noticeable from mid-December to now.  Thank you for being in touch with us and letting us know what you are noticing.

A gentle reminder to people noticing a hum for the first time: be sure to contact your utility companies as well as reporting your situation to your City's 3-1-1 (or comparable) line.  There have been a few instances where a hum has been resolved by a utility company.  It's an important step in trying to secure the peace and quiet so many people want in their homes.

If you have had a hum issue resolved by a utility company, we would like to hear from you.  Please let us know the details as to what the hum sounded like, whereabouts it was noticed, which utility company attended to the hum and the steps taken to resolve the hum.  We look forward to hearing your success stories!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hum Update November 2015

We continue to hear from people in Calgary and Edmonton who are noticing a hum.  Frequently, similar words and phrases are used to describe that they are hearing:

  • the hum sounds like an engine idling in the distance
  • the hum has also been described as sounding like a train locomotive idling
  • there seems to be pressure in my ear (or ears) as well as there being a hum sound present
  • the hum appears to be heard wherever there is an electrical grid, even in remote areas
  • the hum is louder at night than in the daytime
  • when the hum is heard inside, it seldom can be heard outside
  • the hum seems to have started when smart meters were activated
  • the hum is a "low" sound (often around 40 hertz)
  • some people can hear the hum while others cannot
  • there are some people who can feel a vibration associated with the hum as well as hearing it, while some others notice a vibration while not hearing a hum-
  • sometimes there is a "thrumming" sound accompanying the hum, and/or the hum sometimes sounds like it is "wavering"

We've determined that the hum is a real phenomenon and is one that can be recorded.  The working hypothesis is that the hum is man-made, or "mechanical" in nature.  As far as we know, low frequency hums around 40 hertz do not naturally occur in nature.

The challenge has been determining the source, or sources, of the hum.  That has been the puzzle that has been difficult to crack.  We welcome continuing to hear from people who have leads and ideas in this regard.  We request that these are based in scientific possibility and are grounded with facts in some way.

Thank you to all that have been in touch with us.  Please continue to do so.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mobile Phone App for Hum Search

Dr. Mike Smith and Adrien Gaspard of the University of Calgary began work on a mobile phone app intended to help identify and locate the Mysterious Ranchlands Hum.  Orchisama Das of Jadavpur University, India has been extending work on the app.  Their work has recently received considerable media attention.  The links to the various articles and broadcasts are included below:

Calgary Herald (July 27, 2015): Researchers develop app to record Ranchlands hum

CTV Calgary Evening News (July 28, 2015): Researchers hope to get a handle on hum in northwest neighbourhood

CBC Calgary News at 11 (July 28, 2015): Mobile Phone App to Assist in Solving Ranchlands' Hum Noise Nuisance (at approximately 8:25)

CBC Calgary Eyeopener (July 29, 2015): Ranchlands hum app

CHQR News Talk 770 (July 29, 2015): follow this link, select Audio Date = July 29, select Audio Time = 4 pm, skip to approximately 48 minutes 

Schulich School of Engineering (July 30, 2015): on Facebook, linking to Calgary Herald articles and inviting comments 

The University of Calgary has set up a web page to assist with Dr. Smith and Orchisama's work:
This is intended to be a useful resource for the hum investigation.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Help identify the hum in Alberta; unanswered questions need to be answered

There continue to be unanswered questions about the hum, or hums, that are disturbing people throughout Alberta.

The hum recorded and analyzed in Ranchlands, Calgary was in the 40 Hz range.  Similarly, the hum in Edmonton seems to vary between 37 - 40 Hz.  For those familiar with a piano, the hum is similar in pitch to D1 - D#1 on the instrument.

What does this mean?  We don't know.  Usually, a hum at that frequency is caused by something man-made.  Likely, we are looking for a mechanical cause, or one that is similar.  But, with our limited resources it's a difficult task to try to track down the cause, or causes, of the hum.

It is interesting to note that many of the people who have spoken with our team noticed the hum starting in mid-2008.  What is it that began, in Alberta, around that time, that could cause a hum of this nature to be heard in numerous locations in the province?  

We would like to ask those of you following this blog to please pass along the link to our site to as many people as you can, including your city counsel, MLAs and MPs.  Despite six years of sharing information, recordings and data, government bodies have been unwilling to engage in locating the source(s) of the hum.  Perhaps a grassroots movement could help garner the active support needed?

Until we know what is causing a hum to be heard in Alberta, there continues to be unanswered questions about the risks to peoples' health.  Those who are bothered by the hum have a greatly reduced quality of life due to sleep disruptions and the inability to relax.  Yet, how do we know that the hum isn't affecting those who do not hear it?  Identifying the source of the hum(s) is essential to answering that question.  

This team has proven that a hum exists in Alberta.  It's been recorded and analyzed by sound professionals with stellar reputations.  People need to know what it is, where it's coming from, and how it's affecting Albertans.  Please help make this request for assistance to answer these questions too big  for our politicians and citizens to ignore. 

We appreciate the continued support of our readers and followers.  Thank you. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ranchlands hum mystery still stumps researchers - CBC News

On May 29, 2014, CBC News Calgary ran a follow up article on the mysterious hum that still plagues many people.  With the federal government providing a grant to help researchers solve a similar puzzle in Windsor, Ontario, our team is hopeful we will be given the same consideration to help us during our investigation.

The TV broadcast can be viewed here.

Comments welcomed!