Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Engage with Utility Companies

The Noise Investigation Team has noticed a slight increase in the number of people reporting that they are being bothered by a hum.  People from Edmonton and Calgary have said that the hum has been a bit louder/intense/more noticeable from mid-December to now.  Thank you for being in touch with us and letting us know what you are noticing.

A gentle reminder to people noticing a hum for the first time: be sure to contact your utility companies as well as reporting your situation to your City's 3-1-1 (or comparable) line.  There have been a few instances where a hum has been resolved by a utility company.  It's an important step in trying to secure the peace and quiet so many people want in their homes.

If you have had a hum issue resolved by a utility company, we would like to hear from you.  Please let us know the details as to what the hum sounded like, whereabouts it was noticed, which utility company attended to the hum and the steps taken to resolve the hum.  We look forward to hearing your success stories!


Anonymous said...

Why isn't this on the nightly news??

D. Negrey said...

This reply was also posted in response to a similar comment referring to the news from an earlier blog entry:

There has been extensive coverage of the Noise Investigation Team's work and the hum on most of the Calgary TV and news stations, as well as in the newspapers and even on a national radio show. We covered those events in earlier blog posts. There was also regular coverage of the hum and related activities in the Ranchlands community newspaper. Most recently, the hum was featured in Calgary news with the stories following the developments of a mobile app to help track the hum. It took the diligence and commitment of a team of volunteers to bring this information forward. To date, the only community to have put together a group of volunteers was from Ranchlands. If other communities were to assemble similar volunteer groups concerned about the hum, the news services may again be interested in bringing the hum issue forward. Please be in touch with us if you are interested in setting one up in your area. We would be happy to share our experiences with the Ranchlands Community Association to help others set up their own group of volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Is the noise similar to this?

Anonymous said...


Is there anyone out there who notices this hum in the Foothills? We have been living there since September 2015 and the hum is driving me absolutely crazy. Nobody else in my family or my neighbours hears it by the way.

John Bushfield said...

I have been hearing this hum in Balzac for at least ten years. When I realized the source would not be identified quickly I learned to live with the noise which varies around 38 to 42 hertz with sidebands up to 240 hertz and down below 10 hertz.
Seeking to characterize the noise I developed a circuit which is a cross between a voltage ladder and a crystal radio to turn the noise signal into visible blue light. When I hooked the ambient energy collector to the isolated electric fence wire during the off season it acted as an antenna. Now thanks to my impedance matching circuit I now have 3 bright blue lights on my acreage powered only by ambient electricity. So you see every cloud has a silver lining. If you are interested contact me via email. Thanks jb

D. Negrey said...

Hi John,

We'd be interested in learning more and being in touch with you directly.